Hi there Stranger Friend!

My name is Sara. I’m 27 years old from somewhere in Texas.

I love yoga, reading, tea, blink-182, baseball, Doctor Who, crafting, Harry Potter and a whole host of other things but those are the ones I’m most likely to geek out over on a daily basis.

I also love to cook and bake as well as write which is where this blog comes into play. I hope to be able to share a whole variety of cool things with you all while writing about whatever I feel like talking about. I hope you find something of interest here.

You can find me and say hi on Twitter @saravee_ and Instagram @saravictoria2.



  1. Hi Sara! It’s Jason…I’m siting here with your Mama…we just got done with a fantastic dinner and then she showed me all of the wonderful recipes on here…WOW! They look fantastic…and so does all the rest of your great blog! Cheers!

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