I’m Ready To Be New Again

I'm Ready To Be New Again

Happy 2018 stranger friends! I feel like I came limping and a bit beaten up to the end of 2017 because boy was that entire year a rough one. I know I’m not alone in that sentiment but it was just an overall crappy year from most aspects and I don’t think I’ve ever been more ready for a new one.

I’ve mentioned before how I’m not big into resolutions because like most people I don’t stick to them. Although with that being said for some reason I really want to learn French this year. I should really learn Spanish first but I’m weird. So I want to try and learn at least a little bit of French. That’s not a resolution though that’s just maybe something I want to do. Totally different right?

My point is that I try more to set intentions for what I want out of this year but even that is hard to do sometimes. All I know is that I want this year to be so different and be so much better than the past five years. I’m truly ready for a new beginning in so many aspects of my life. I’m ready to be new again.

You don’t need the calendar to turn to January to allow you a new start or a new beginning. You don’t need to wait for a New Year countdown to start again. To get rid of old habits and start fresh new ones. To hold on to memories you old dear and let go of ones that no longer serve you. You just need the will to change. You just need that moment to happen when you realize this is it. This is where it all changes.

I’’m starting this year off by going to therapy for the very first time (well I started in the last couple weeks of 2017). It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but just didn’t know where to start. It feels fitting to truly go into it full force at the very start of a new year though. Maybe it’s the honoring of the tradition of resolutions or just a fresh start but the time has never felt more fitting.

It’s the start to feeling new again, a new beginning, learning new habits and ways of thinking, getting rid of things I’ve been carrying with me for far too long. I feel like I need to shed 85 layers of emotions and memories and now’s the time. I’m ready to be new again.

I know this sounds a whole lot like new year, new me which I often feel is just a gimmick put out there by diet companies and gyms. There’s validity to it though. We all need to that feeling of washing away the old and letting in the new.

So here’s to 2018 and all the ways you can find to change when and where you want to. It doesn’t have to be today or even this month. You have a blank slate with 365 chances to do what you need to do. I hope your days are filled with laughter and a whole lot of happy. I hope you’re able to remove yourself from toxic situations and not let them take up anymore of your energy.

I’m going to do my best to shed myself of all the things that don’t matter but at the end of the day I hope to remember there’s still things worth holding on to.

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