Harry Styles Live On Tour | Austin, Texas

Back in May I was sitting at my computer 5 minutes after tickets to Harry Styles Live on Tour went on sale bummed I hadn’t managed to score a ticket. I kept trying to refresh my screen but to no avail. Right then my dog’s vet called and I almost didn’t answer it but I was like whatever I didn’t get tickets I might as well. As I was sitting on the phone with her I decided to keep trying for tickets. 5 minutes she put me on hold and a few minutes after that a ticket popped up. I actually screamed and was thankful I was on hold because I probably would have hung up on her on accident. Instead my mom happened to be there and so I promptly handed her the phone and was like please tell her I’m sorry and I went about my way purchasing my ticket. The moral of the story: I got really really lucky.

Tickets to this show were so hard to come by and they truly did sell out in a matter of minutes so the fact that I managed to get one was pure serendipity. I would also like to thank Dr. Z for understanding why I abruptly ended out call. It was for a good reason.

Fast forward five months later and now my show has come and gone and I’ve still been a bit overwhelmed in a way I truly didn’t think I would be. I knew I was excited, i knew it would be amazing, but let me tell you Harry Styles was born to be a star. I’ve never seen anyone command the stage the way he does. He’s not just up there singing some songs because he can or because it’s his job. He’s up there having the time of his life and bringing the audience along for the ride.

As soon as I saw him walk up the side of the stage in his pink satin Gucci suit I knew we were in for a wild night. I was not wrong. The show starts off with him a bit contained because he plays the guitar for the first few songs. You would think he’s been up there with a guitar his entire career but it’s fun to watch him in that new capacity with a guitar on his shoulder.

There’s only been one concert I’ve been to where I got to see the artist perform an entire album front to back (Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends 10th Anniversary Tour) but other than that it’s just not something that happens. So part of the beauty of this tour is that you get to hear all 10 songs from his album as well as covers to expand the setlist a bit. He covered One Direction hits like Stockholm Syndrome and What Makes You Beautiful, both with his own rockier spin to them. As well as a song he wrote for Ariana Grande called Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart which was a song fans had been anxious to hear him sing himself for years so that has gone down a treat on this tour. By far my favorite cover Harry & his band do is of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain. It showcases the strength of his entire band, from Mitch Rowland shredding on the guitar, Sarah Jones absolutely crushing the drums, and the entire band’s harmonies. That was truly one of the highlights of the night.

Not to be outdone of course by his first single off Harry Styles his pseudo-finale was of course the epic Sign of the Times was an emotional experience all around. The lyrics of that song resonate so hard with so much going on in the world, it’s a song that makes me miss my dad, and it’s just truly showcases Harry in a special way. Hearing a crowd of 2.7K people screaming the words back at him at the top of their lungs and hearing him sing it live was truly a moment I’ll never forget.

While Sign of the Times would have been a perfect finale Harry couldn’t pass up an opportunity to break out the raucous and wild Kiwi for the second time that night. Flailing about on stage, losing his breath, grabbing a pink coat from the audience before throwing it over his head and dancing, dousing the crowd with water, stripping off the pink suit jacket, and basically just losing his mind it was the perfect end to a perfect evening. It’s true what they say, “the second kiwi is always the best kiwi.”

And aside from the music it was refreshing to see someone be authentically themselves and encourage that in their fans as well. Harry’s merch is covered with the motto “Treat People With Kindness” and in a day and age where people can be so cruel the fact that he’s leading the charge for kindness is special. He encouraged fans to “be whoever they want to be in this room.” He wanted to see people dance, and sing, and get sweaty and have the time of their lives without fear of judgement or ridicule just like he did. He encouraged us all to find a stranger and embrace them and tell them we loved them. (Hi sweet stranger that I hugged! Hope you’re well!) and then encouraged everyone to do that outside as well. He spoke of how thankful he was that he gets to perform for strong women (and men) every night. It felt like a safe space in there with him and in a day and age where that’s not always the case in a public venue i’m thankful for him for creating that atmosphere. An atmosphere where you can hug a stranger, be yourself, make new friends, and just be happy.

Most concerts always leave me with a bit of an empty feeling the next day and with a case of the dread “post-concert depression” but I think it took all of 5 minutes for all of that to set in after this show. I was overwhelmed, and happy, and sad all at once and that’s truly the sign of an amazing show. I instantly wondered if it would be possible to make my way to Phoenix for a his last North American show during this tour. I wondered how many shows it would be possible to go to next year including tickets I already have for a few shows next year. I’ll be counting the days until I see him live again!

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