A Lack of Creativity

I’ve been a bit quiet around these parts for the past few months and that wasn’t exactly intentional. If you’re a creative person you’ll know that unfortunately it comes and goes in waves. You have weeks or months where everything is flowing, everything you want to create just comes to you and you don’t have to worry about it that much. Then there are the lulls. The times when you feel like you don’t have an ounce of creativity in you. When you think you may never write anything again or come up with a clever post. You don’t spend you free time thinking up what to make next. It’s like slipping into a void and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Especially when you run your own site and if your creativity goes out the window there’s no one else to pick up the slack. That’s essentially what happened with me over the past two months and it’s been a long slow process of finding my way back. I knew the reason for the lull and it’s no surprise I’m finding my way out of it. I’ve essentially spent the past month and a half dealing with some pretty major family stuff. I can say for sure the stress of that is to be blamed for the complete and total lack on inspiration. Or maybe I just wanted to give Harry Styles two months of shine on my front page as the top post. I mean his album is really that good. I still haven’t stopped listening to it in the two months since it came out.

In all honesty though it has been a rough few months and trying to find the time to create recipes, write, and shoot photos has been difficult to say the least. I realized though that this is exactly what I needed was some time away to regroup and reimagine what I want for this site. I know not everyone gets that luxury with what they do and I realize that I am lucky that I have been able to do this. It’s a great reminder of why I have worked so hard on this site and even when I have felt like I’m just wasting my time I’ve always come back to it and found ways to improve and continue to grow my site.

Creativity is fickle and I’ve honestly always been a really fickle person myself. I floated from activity to activity as a kid. I have all kinds of interests that change at the drop of a hat sometimes. I changed my major in college before dropping out. I had a job I loved and was convinced that’s what I wanted to do with my life before I decided that I really didn’t want that at all. I found something else after that that I thought I wanted to do and then decided that wasn’t it either. Maybe that’s not being fickle though. Maybe that’s just life in your twenties. I think it’s more that than anything.

I’ve felt like I’m stuck in slow motion while everyone else is zipping around me with their life into place and that for the most part they have it all figured out. It took me quite a while to realize that I actually am right where I belong. It also made me realize that I get to use all of my passions in life on this site. Writing, photography, editing, reading, and all the other fun stuff. I think it’s important to realize that I’ve been given and at the same time created an opportunity for myself. I knew what I wanted and I set out to find it.

I read The Alchemist recently for the very first time and as I was reading it I was becoming more and more convinced that the book was written specifically for me to read at the exact moment I did. The way Paul Coelho talks about fear of failure and making sure that you know how to listen to your heart. That you have the ability to do what it is that you love. And all throughout everything he ever said about the universe conspiring to help you achieve it. It’s everything I needed to hear and everything that I have kept with me these past few weeks. It was like a reassurance and also a sign.

The creativity may ebb and flow and I may struggle at times when it comes to creating content but when you find your passion in life and know that you’ve created a platform for it you hold on like hell and you never give up on it. Even when it feels like you may have lost your spark or whatever it was inside of you that allowed to you create. It will always come back. Creativity is just a part of you and it never truly leaves. I’ve found that out along the way and I’m more excited than ever that mine came back like an old trusty friend.

So here’s to going forward and a whole lot of fresh content, traveling to some fun places, and hopefully a few more fun projects that I’ve had in the works in the meantime. I’m looking forward to every second of it.

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