The 1975 Live – I Like It When You Sleep Tour

I think the first song I ever heard from The 1975 was Chocolate probably three years ago. I remember when they started gaining a bit of attention in the states I was like well let me check them out. I probably listened to most of that self-titled album maybe one time and then that was it.

It wasn’t until their release of “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It” that they popped back on my radar but this time in a much bigger way. I couldn’t get enough of their first single off the album “The Sound” I heard it all the time and bopped along every single time. I found myself listening to the full album more and more when it came out which in turn led me to going back and relisting to older stuff. I ended up hooked.

I never thought about seeing them live though only because I’m used to the mindset that bands don’t come here since that’s what I grew up with. Lo and behold though EPT was a stop on the latest leg of their “I Like It When You Sleep” tour.

The show starts off with a single note reverberating throughout the theatre. Building the tension. Getting the crowd ready. Making everyone anxious. Then the lights go down and out comes Matty, Adam, George, and Ross. Eventually the stage is bathed in neon pink and suddenly the British invasion is happening in a way you never thought before.

These four Brits from Manchester, friends and bandmates since high school, manage put on one of the most aesthetically pleasing live shows I think I have ever seen. The staging, the lighting, the graphics, all of it was perfect. From the colorful “Change of Heart” to the gorgeous cityscape during “Medicine” it was all amazing.

The setlist was a perfect blend of songs that made the crowd dance, songs that made the crowd listen, and those that just gave everyone a moment to breathe. Matty was a joy to watch as he sang, sipped his wine, danced like crazy, and played the guitar on a few songs. Then there was also the moment where he started to light the wrong end of his cigarette which prompted a bit of a giggle considering there is literally a line in “Change of Heart” that depicts someone coming across as clever until they lit the wrong end of the cigarette. Matty chuckled and mused that he just sang it and then he did it in front of 2,000 people.

If you heard, or heard about, Matty’s speech at the BRIT awards earlier this year you heard him urge musicians to not stay in their lane when it comes to topics that matter. So it’s no surprise he took a few minutes to talk about the importance of love and tolerance. He noted that we are “going to have a real good view of the fucking wall that’s never going to be put up.” The crowd went wild for that and it launched him into talking about loving and accepting others.

“It is as simple as just loving everybody. It sounds like a fucking hallmark card but honestly it’s as simple as that. As long as we don’t patronize people that disagree with us and we continue to love then everything will actually be alright.” My heart melted at that moment and I was so pleased to hear him using the platform that he has to spread a message that important. He continued to encourage to buy people merch they sell with the pride flag on it since proceeds go to charity and not them. Then they launched into “Loving Someone” with the stage lit up in a rainbow.

All in all from start to finish there wasn’t a moment I didn’t love of their live set. There was nothing quite as fun though as them playing “The Sound” to close out the night. Matty gets the whole crowd jumping towards the end of the song and the energy during that moment was electric. There’s nothing like moments like that during a live show to unite you with 2,000 other people as you all jump up and down and shout the words out loud. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next time I can see these four boys from Manchester again but if they are coming to a town near you I would encourage you to grab a ticket and go and dance your heart out for almost two hours.

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