Things I Fancy: January 2017

Happy end of January friends! Is it just me or does it feel like January has taken for-ev-er. Maybe it’s just because I need some dental work done but had to wait until the first of February for it. Or because of the current state of the world. Or maybe because it’s winter. Whatever it is, January has taken it’s sweet time coming to an end.

There were some things I loved about January though so let’s focus on those shall we? There were some really delicious recipes on the blog and a lot of fun things that I loved.

 1. Sesame Soba Noodles // 2. Sun-Dried Tomato & Artichoke Pasta // 3. Sushi Bowl // 4. Brussels Sprout & Caramelized Onion Puffs // 5. Lemon Thyme White Bean Salad // 6. Mexican Vegetable Soup



Victoria I am currently enamored and a bit obsessed with both the show and the book Victoria. Written and created by Daisy Goodwin Victoria tells the story of the young queen when she took the throne at the age of 18. The show (starring Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell) is stunningly shot and absolutely beautiful. In an age where The Royals are all the rage Victoria fits right in. The book and the show are one in the same although the book offers a little more insight into Victoria’s mind obviously. I’m looking forward to finishing out the rest of the series but this has definitely been high up on my list of favorite things this month.

Sundara Karma | Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect – This foursome from Reading, England just released their first LP after releasing three previous EPs and I have been completely digging it. I first heard Sundara Karma while listening to BBC Radio 1 and I loved every second of what I heard. They are a fun indie-rock band and tunes like “Flame” and “She Said” will make you want to dance or at least bob your head along with the beat. They also excel at a little darker and more brooding songs like with “Be Nobody.” They have been compared to Arcade Fire which I think is fair to say and while they are just a little lesser known they are worth checking out.


Rebbl Golden Milk – I’m sure you may have heard that golden milk is all the rage these days. Not only for the taste but the health benefits as well. Turmeric is one of the most valuable herbs in the human diet, with clinical data indicating a wide range of benefits, including support for: cognitive function & protection; healthy inflammation response; rapid physical recovery. With all that said it’s no wonder that golden milk is popular these days. This is a great start if you want to try it without committing to buying the products to make it yourself.

Ninja Auto IQ – I got this for Christmas and I love love love it. It has made my smoothie making so much easier and it’s amazing the difference that it makes in actually making them smooth compared to my old smoothie. My only complaint about it as that it doesn’t really work with anything other than liquid. There’s a recipe for hummus in the little book that came with it but it just doesn’t blend enough. But for liquid stuff it’s an absolute dream.


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