Easy Puppy Blanket Tutorial

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I truly honestly cannot believe that I have had this blog for a year and I’ve never once posted a picture of my tiny little baby on here. And by tiny little baby I mean my dog Spanky. What? He’s my baby.

I mean the problem is that I can’t really use him in food photos because I need my food props to not eat the food. So he doesn’t have his cute face on here until now that he gets his own post.


When I saw this David Bowie frenchie fabric I knew that I couldn’t pass it up. The only problem was they only had one yard left and so even though I was planning on making it a big blanket for me it worked out that I would use it for Spanky. I mean he is a frenchie after all. It was meant to be his.

He has also commandeered a cushion on my couch that is smashed down and has a hole in it where he pulls the stuffing out so I have to keep it covered to keep him from sticking his chubby little head in the hole. He does love laying in that spot though so now he has a nice little blanket just for him.


This blanket is so ridiculously easy to make and I know that I said this is a puppy blanket but you could also make this for any tiny humans in your life. It’s just a wee bit easier than making a quilt.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy sewing project this is just the one for you.

What You Need:

1 yard patterned fabric
1 yard minky (dot) fabric
sewing machine



  1. Place fabric right sides together so that the backsides of the fabric are facing up and the patterned sides are on the inside.
  2. Pin fabric all the way around so that it stays in place.blanket2
  3. Start sewing a ½ inch seem all around the blanket.blanket3
  4. Once you’ve made it to the last side that you’re sewing together make sure to not sew the fabric all the way closed. Leave about a 4 inch hole.
  5. Stick your hand inside the blanket and pull the blanket inside out. Poke the edges out with your fingers.
  6. When the blanket is turned out and facing the right way sew the hole closed by folding the edges of the fabric in. Start sewing a ¼ inch seam at the hole and then continue all the way around the blanket.blanket4

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you were to use some of the links I provide, I will ultimately receive a small commission at no extra cost to you which I use to help support this site.



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    1. I got it at Joann’s ages ago and I don’t think you can find it there anymore but I do think you can find it on etsy. Just search Bowie frenchie fabric into google and it should come up!

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