So This Is The New Year

It never fails that when the New Year rolls around I start singing Death Cab for Cutie’s The New Year in my head over and over. “So this is the new year and I don’t have any resolutions.” Which is appropriate because I’m not really one for resolutions.

Resolutions feel so temporary to me. As if people just think “oh no the calendar is going to turn and I need to have something to make me feel better.” Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s hard to keep them though if you are making them just for the sake of a new year, which is why they end up feeling so temporary.

The thing I love about the New Year though is it truly is a fresh start. Even if it’s a man made one because time is only a concept and it’s not a real thing. I mean, what? In all seriousness though it’s true that you don’t need to wait for January 1 to change things that you want to change.

Now that we are here though it’s time to embrace a fresh start. Thanks to the calendar we are given one every 365 (or 366) days. So why not take advantage of it? I love the optimism and excitement that comes with a fresh start. The opportunity to leave the past behind and begin anew.

And after 2016 it feels more than necessary to leave behind all the bad and weird that the year brought. It wasn’t all bad though and there’s a lot that I want to keep close to my heart from that year. I learned a lot and came a long way from where I was at the beginning of that year. I’m ready for more though. I sat on my yoga mat last night and wrote out my intentions for this year and I’m excited to work hard at manifesting them.

Instead of setting hard or fast resolutions and saying I’m going to do this or I’m not going to do that I wrote my intentions as a plan. This way I have something to aim for and work towards throughout the entire year not just at the beginning of it. I don’t like the feeling of I have to do this because it’s January but rather this is what I want the year to bring me if I work at it.

The first of January may just be another day on a calendar but with or without resolutions or intentions or anything else I hope that it brings you hope. I hope that you’re able to see what you want to change and go after it. Here’s to leaving the past behind us and going forward with optimism, excitement and hope. Here’s to you 2017. I intend on you being quite swell.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for this year!



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