Best of 2016: A Year End Wrap-Up

Hello stranger friends! It’s time for one last monthly round-up except this one is going to round up my very first year of blogging! It’s honestly hard to believe that this year is over. It felt like the longest yet fastest year in a lot of ways. It was really fun to look back on this year through my blog and see how far I’ve come since I first started blogging in January. There were a lot of really fun recipes, really fun trips, and while it wasn’t always easy I’ve learned a lot. I also have all of you to thank for even bothering to read this blog! So I decided to do a little bit of a wrap of things I love and things you all loved on the blog this year!



  1. Potato Green Chile Soup // 2. Romeo & Juliet // 3. Doctor Faustus // 4. Pasta Isabella // 5. Backstage with blink-182 // 6. Good Grief, Good Grace // 7. Sekret Machines // 8. Blueberry Pastries // 9. Green Dream Smoothie // 10. London Calling

1 – The Potato Green Chili soup was one that I posted very early on (as you can tell by the photos) but it has been by far my most popular post. It’s one of my all time favorite soups and I’m pretty thrilled you all loved it as much as I do.

2 – Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo & Juliet starring Richard Madden and Lily James ended months ago but my review still gets quite a few clicks. Getting to see that play on stage was one of the highlights of not only my year but my life.

3 – Nobody tell Kit Harington that as far as play reviews on my site this year he came in second (of two) to Richard Madden. Because you know, my blog, is obviously a marker by which they would mark their popularity. In all honesty though, just like Romeo and Juliet seeing Doctor Faustus on stage was another yearly and lifely highlight. And if it makes Kit feel better I saw his play twice.

4 – Moving on from the theatre my copycat recipe for Pasta Isabella was a big hit. Carbs and Cheese. I’m sensing a theme with popular recipes, and I don’t blame y’all one bit. This pasta is spicy and delicious and one that I crave quite often.

5 – While this wasn’t number one on the blogs most popular list this year this may have just narrowly edged out 2 & 3 as my favorite moment of the year. Mostly because I actually got to meet the band that I’ve loved for almost twenty years. It was surreal and I still kind of can’t believe it happened. I’m pretty thankful I have this post to look back on even though it’s honestly never that far from my mind. Also, I’m really sorry for cutting Skiba off in the picture. I really love him and I’m sorry.

6 – This was definitely the hardest post I wrote this year since it was about my dad and how I’ve felt since I he died a few years ago. It was cathartic to write and it was nice to see how many people actually cared about a really personal post like this.

7 – Sekret Machines was on of my favorite books that I read this year and it was the most popular review that I posted which was a bit surprising but it seems people were pretty excited about Tom Delonge venturing farther into the world of books.

8– Oh you guys. These blueberry cream cheese pastries are everything. They are perfectly sweet and loaded with fresh blueberries. They are also incredibly simple to make which might be a bit dangerous.

9 – I lived off this smoothie in the summer. I made it daily and never got tired of it. I love the perfect balance of greens and fruit in this smoothie.

10 – I love that all of my favorite moments of the year ended up being in the top ten for most popular posts. My trip to London was above and beyond everything I could have ever wanted and I’m so thankful that I got to do it and that I got to share it with you all.

Apart from running this blog and learning the ins and outs of what that actual entails this year was actually really good. Overall and in the whole scheme of the world this year is one that will not be looked back upon fondly and I get why. There is a lot that I won’t look back on with happy thoughts. I’m still reeling from the election, we lost some really great people, the world seems a little unstable and alien. I never want those things to stop me from remembering the good though.

That was part of why I named the blog what I did. Because I believe in celebrating the little things along with the big. I believe the little victories are what makes us and what shape us. So to recap the year here are 10 of my little and big victories. I actually had a lot of big ones this year and those are just as important to me.

1 – For the first time in my life I traveled to another country that wasn’t Mexico. I put my anxiety aside and hopped on a plane by my self and flew half way across the planet to England.

2 – In the same vein as that but not as massive I was able to take a trip to Denver to see my cousin graduate high school and I went on another solo adventure to New Mexico to see blink-182. I wasn’t able to travel at all in 2015 due to health reasons so I’m claiming these little things as victories for sure.

3 – Speaking of which, I only had one tiny little surgery this year. It took all of two minutes so I don’t even know if you can classify it as surgery but after last year having one full blown surgery and another pretty invasive test I was happy to have only had something little this year.

4 – I did a lot better about being present, seeing friends, and keeping in touch with people I love and not only just through texting. Sometimes the introvert in me makes that really hard but this year I made a conscious effort to be around more.

5 – I went back to the gym for the first time since 2014. It’s still something I really struggle with but baby steps. I miss going so so much but making it back even if only for a while made me happy.

6 – I got to vote for the first female candidate on a major party ballot for the first time ever. The results didn’t go the way I wanted (understatement) but for that moment that I cast my ballot I was incredibly proud that I got to experience that.

7 – I learned to sew!! Something I’ve been wanting to learn for ages and this was the year I finally did it. I even made a quilt for one of my dearest friends who had a baby!

8 – I dyed my hair pink!! This was probably the littlest of victories but it was so fun and I’m so thrilled that I did it. It was the first time I’ve ever had any fun colored hair and I miss it. Also, Mark Hoppus told me he liked it.

9 – I wrote a lot this year. It was a lot different type of writing than I had done in the past since I geared it towards this blog but I hope it spurs me on to venture into more writing that’s not just for this blog next year.

10 – And of course starting this blog has to be on my list of victories. Obviously. I have wanted to do this since 2011 but I just kept making excuses and not pushing myself to do it. Until I finally did. I finally sat down and made it happen. I really hope I can continue to grow this blog but even if I can’t I did it for me. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and that I really enjoy doing and I’m really proud of what I’ve done with it.


So there it is. A look back at my year and all the fun we’ve had.

It’s been a roller coaster but what year isn’t really? I’ve learned a lot, I’ve failed a lot, I’ve been really frustrated, and really proud. I’ve felt like I’m spinning in circles, sittiing still, and moving forward all at once. It’s a peculiar place to be in but I have to feel like it’s all leading somewhere.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart if you have read anything I’ve written on here this year. If you’ve shared or pinned or liked any of my posts I think you’re the absolute bees knees. I hope you have a very wonderful New Year and the happiest of 2017. I’d love to hear some of your little victories this year or just any of your favorite moments!






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