Whole Foods El Paso – Photo Tour

Hello Stranger Friends! I had a great opportunity to get a tour of the very first Whole Foods in El Paso last night. The store is officially open to the public at the time this is being publish but I imagine a lot of people probably won’t be able to get to the store right away. The crowds are probably going to be pretty crazy for a while and but I’m sure you’re pretty curious what to expect from the store.

I knew it was going to be amazing but the store is truly beautiful. I love how every Whole Foods has it’s own distinct look and feel and this one is no different. From the prepared food section, to the fresh produce there is no shortage of options. As someone who tries to eat (and blog about) fresh, healthy food as often as possible I was extremely happy to finally have a Whole Foods in my town. Although, their prepared food section is so spectacular that it’s a good thing it’s clear on the other side of town otherwise I’d probably eat there most days of the week.


All of the fruits and veggies!


I know they say you’re only supposed to shop on the perimeter of the store for the most part but sometimes the aisles have the good stuff. Lots and lots of good stuff!


I’ve never had mochi before but I wanted to eat all of these tiny little bubbles of happiness.


Hello, Lover! I keep hearing about this Halo Top ice cream and I’m so keen to try it so I was thrilled to see that Whole Foods has it in stock!


So many juice options!


Non-Alcholic bevvys!


and alcholic bevvys! Did you know you can even get a beer or wine from their tap room and drink while you shop? They even have cup holders at the end of the aisles!


There’s a whole section devoted to health and wellness! I can’t promise you’ll be able to do dancer pose like the mannequin after visiting this section but never say never.


If booze isn’t your thing while you shop then pop over to the coffee and juice section and get yourself something there. There’s something for everyone!


I’ll take one of everything please.


All the fresh delicious baked goods you could ever want. Some made in store and some supplied from local businesses!


I’m telling you all the prepared food section is the stuff dreams are made of.


and this is even without the salad and food bars that were behind me. I didn’t get photos cause the food was covered but trust me when I say it’s going to be wonderful. You can even order food like a mini restaurant and eat right there on site.


Fun community events posted at the front of the store.


You can enjoy beer and wine and a selection of food at The Taproom.








All that food and you get a great view of the sunsets as well. Thank you Whole Foods for the opportunity to check out the store. I can’t wait to be able to do my first big shop and use all that delicious food to create things for this blog.




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