Let’s Kill All Small Talk

Let's Kill All Small Talk - Modern Little Victories

The invention of texting has brought with it a lot of wonderful things but for me the best is probably the fact that completely acceptable to avoid small talk. Even though it’s acceptable that doesn’t mean people always do that and I’ve realized I kind of can’t stand it. I would say sorry but, well, I’m not.

Small talk is one of my least favorite things and I like to avoid it at all costs. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the weather or asking how someone is but it’s all just so superficial. If you ask me how I am I’m always going to say fine. I just am. Even if I’m not I feel like it’s just a question you ask when you’re trying to make polite conversation but you really don’t actually care how that person is. Now if you ask me what I think about aliens you’ll get an earful.

I’m not even kidding. It obviously doesn’t have to be aliens to get me talking but I’m far more inclined to appreciate a topic that will lead something deeper. Something to laugh about or argue about. Something that will lead to a new fascination or new hobby. Something that’s not just sitting on the surface.

That’s not to say I always want to have crazy deep conversations sometimes a good goofy topic is needed but if you’re going to talk to me I want to talk about something. Anything. I don’t want to answer how I am or tell you what’s up. That will only take you so far. I want to talk to people about the books that I’m reading, or the TV that kept me up until midnight, the song that I keep playing on repeat, maybe the idea that there’s life on other planets, what you think about the difference between fast food French fries, about your childhood, the weird dream you had, or just anything really. When I say deep it doesn’t have to be your hopes, dreams, and deepest fears though those are fine too. It just needs to lead somewhere fun and interesting.

There are a lot of fascinating things about the world we live in and there are a lot of fascinating people on this planet. There’s not really a shortage of things we can talk about when you think about it. So is it really necessary to always just make small talk?

It’s a sure fire way for me to shut down. Maybe it’s not even fair that I do that. I ‘m sure people don’t mean anything by it and they are trying to be nice by texting and asking how I am. To be fair, that’s not to say that I don’t ever want people asking how I am or that it always annoys me. I appreciate when people take the time out of their day to check on me or make sure I’m okay. It’s nice and kind. Sometimes there’s just a difference though. Its like you can tell when people are just asking how you are because they don’t really have anything else to say and that’s when I just find it a bit cringe. It’s just constantly skimming the surface but the deep end is little more rewarding.

So the next time you want to talk to me you don’t even have to say hello. Skip the pleasantries and tell me about the best part of your day. Tell me what’s the first thing on your bucket list or the places you want to travel. Ask me what I think about people who fold the pages of their books or leave their shopping trolleys in the parking lot. Lets talk about anything! Something! Anything that’s not what’s up or how are you. The possibilities are limitless.



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