Things I Fancy: June/July 2016

Greetings Stranger Friends!! It’s impossible to believe that it’s already August and other than the weather it feels like summer is pretty much over! I had a pretty crazy and amazing summer. I went to London which was incredible. I got to see Kit Harington and Richard Madden in plays and meet the both of them. I saw blink live and got to meet them. Overall, it was just the raddest summer ever and I don’t know how I’ll top it. As far as experiences and stuff goes all of that obviously ranks as my favorite things for June and July! There were a few other favorite things that I found over the past two months to share with you though! I hope you all had great summers too! What were you favorite bits of the past couple months?

Things I Fancy: June/July 2016 - Modern Little Victories


Bleach London Silver Shampoo & Conditioner – This one is just for you blondies, especially if you’re in the UK. I grabbed some of the silver shampoo and conditioner from Bleach London because I had heard such good things about it. I’d been using the Joico brand but wasn’t too keen on it. I really like the Bleach brand of purple shampoo for keeping my blonde hair the color I want it to be instead of brassy. Trust me, if you want blonde hair purple shampoo is an absolute must. It’s fortified with wheat proteins and Vitamin B5 to help moisturize your hair while keeping it that perfect ashy tone.

Bleach London Rose Hair Color – So while most of the time I’m blonde I currently happen to have pink hair! I am quite obsessed with it. Like really. When I picked up the purple shampoo for my hair I decided to grab some of their semi-permanent hair color as well. I’ve never had anything other than blonde or brown hair so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I figured if I hated it I could just wash it out so why not. I ended up loving it and I’m sad that it’s washing out. It’s fun to just mix it up though so if you’ve been thinking about going for a fun color hair I would highly recommend this brand.


Vikings – I watch a lot of TV. Like too much probably. Vikings however was a show that completely passed me by and I was sure it was going to just be super hoaky and dumb. My friend had been trying to get me to watch it for a while but I was just like yeah, maybe. Then she tried again and I agreed but before I actually started it my doctor told me to watch it. He was so stoked on it and excited about it that I was like okay I’ll give it a go. And of course I was hooked from the beginning. I binge watched the first three seasons over the past couple weeks. The story centers around Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his family as he rises to King of the Viking tribes. He’s a ruthless warrior and in the age of the anti-hero that we all end up loving Ragnar fits right in with those characters.

Ragnar and some of the other characters are also based on actual Norse mythology and while there are quite a lot of liberties taken I’m sure it really does feel like they have tried to stay true to a lot of accuracies from the time frame the show is set. The Vikings era isn’t really something I know a lot about and I’ve enjoyed watching it and get a better idea of what that time was like. I’m not even a religious person but I also really enjoy the importance placed on religion in the show. Whether it’s Catholicism or the Norse Gods like Odin and Thor.

The cast is amazing as are the storylines and the settings. It’s quite intense but that’s to be expected. I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch!

Stranger Things – Like I said, I watch a lot of TV. So as soon as everyone was freaking out over Stranger Things I watched it as soon as possible. It took me about a day and a half to watch it because I could just not stop. I had to know what happened next. I was a bit apprehensive about it because someone was snapchatting it while they were watching saying it was scary and I’m not about that life. I’m a chicken and don’t really enjoy being scared. I sucked it up though because everyone was going bonkers about it so I had to know. There were definitely some jumpy parts and I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t go downstairs after it got dark because I was a bit scared.

The show is made up of everything we all love about 80s movies and entertainment. It’s Stephen King novels turned movies meets The Goonies meets ET meets even a bit of your favorite 80s high school rom-com directed by John Hughes. It has elements of all of those things and I swear the kids that were cast on that show were plucked directly out of the 80s. They just fit the vibe so well that it genuinely felt like it was filmed 30 years ago. Dustin was by far my favorite though.

It’s such a fun show and it has a bit of everything. It has sci-fi, horror, humor, and everything you could want in a show basically. It’s only 8 episodes and I highly recommend making sure you watch it when you can properly binge. This show was not meant to be watched over a long period of time. It’s like one massively long movie and should be watched as such. So grab some eggos and chocolate pudding and go to town!

Blink-182 California– Was I really going to put together a summer favorites list without including blink’s new album? Of Course not. You can read my full review here and you can read all about seeing them live here but I have to include the album on my favorites too. It actually works out because some of the songs I was a bit meh about have grown on me more and more since the album came out. Los Angeles has really grown on me and while I’m still not completely crazy I do enjoy the song a lot more than I did on first listen. Sober has also grown on me a bit more and I really enjoy Matt’s verses in that song. Maybe I’m just too biased but this was obviously my favorite out of all my favorites!


Mopower Portable charger – I bought this before I went to London and boy, am I glad I did. It came in handy when traveling especially when you’re out and about exploring a new city and you need to make sure you have your phone handy for maps or just to take photos of where you are. It was also great to have it at the airport when I couldn’t find an outlet anywhere. The biggest time I was thankful for it though was last week at the blink-182 concert. Blink didn’t go on until 9:30 but I had to be there at 3 for VIP stuff and I knew there was no way my phone would make it that long so I threw my charger in my purse and it was the biggest life saver. I was so glad I had it and that I wasn’t sitting around for hours waiting without my phone to entertain me.



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