Sometimes I Hang Out With Blink-182 Backstage | (California Tour 2016)

Do you ever have something that’s so surreal happen to you that you kind of can’t find the words to explain it and you actually have a hard time believing it’s real? That’s been my past week as I’ve been perched atop cloud nine ever since last Tuesday night after seeing and getting to meet blink-182. I’m well aware that I’m quite possibly going to sound like the biggest geek alive but I’ve genuinely thought of little else since it all happened.


This wasn’t my first blink show and while I’d seen Mark and Travis  walking around before I’d never actually gotten a chance to meet them. So this was my chance to meet them and with the added bonus of getting to watch them do their sound check as well. So needless to say it was pretty much the best day ever and quickly rose to the top of my experiences when it comes to blink.


I saw them a couple years ago in Oklahoma and it was at this hotel/casino thing with the venue right inside and as I was walking around the night before the show I heard them playing so I stood outside the doors and listened to them rehearse. It was their full blown set and I happily listened knowing they were on the other side of the doors. Another guy showed up and decided opening the doors would be a good idea. Security quickly assured him it was a terrible idea but I saw them quickly and genuinely thought it was the coolest thing ever. Told you…certified geek. Flash-forward to now where I got to stand against the barricade with only a handful of other people and watch as they played a few songs. I’m telling you it was surreal. Although I will say though I was a bit miffed that we got a little jipped. While they were supposed to play one song that they didn’t play in the show they ended up playing The Only Thing That Matters twice and Down. Both which they played in the show. I would have forgiven them had they not turned right around the next few nights and played two of my favorite songs at sound check that they didn’t play in the show. Listen to me, complaining about my diamond shoes being too tight. It was still the coolest experience and I really and truly wouldn’t have cared if they had just gone out there and dicked around and not played any songs for 10 minutes. It still would have been the raddest thing ever.


Then after that we were taken backstage and put in a queue to do the meet and greet. As we were walking backstage Matt and Travis were still standing around so me being the shameless fangirl that I am yelled “Hi Matt!” And he smiled and waved and said “Thanks for coming.” It was adorable and I caught it all on video. I genuinely love him more and more with each passing day.


As we were waiting backstage Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects walked by and I genuinely froze up. He is a gorgeous, gorgeous man and you almost forget how much so until you see him right up close. I was going to say hi to him but it was all a bit weird and I felt like it would have been frowned upon. Speaking of, they were really great live. I wish they had played the longer opening set but I enjoyed seeing them live for the first time in over 10 years!

Then I finally got to go in and meet Matt, Mark, and Travis and while I think most people either just say hi or shake their hands I went straight in for the hugs. Okay well I asked if I could hug them first and they all happily obliged. What did I tell you? Shameless. After I gave him a hug Mark immediately told me he loved my hair and so now that means I have to have pink hair for the rest of my life. We got our picture taken and I took my chance to thank them for everything. I could have literally told them 8,943 stories and ways in which they’ve impacted my life and all the ways they have been a part of it for 17 years but I had to make it quick. So I chose one of the 8,943 stories and they listened to me genuinely. It was a moment I’ll treasure for the rest of my life. I hugged them each again and was on my way.


As far as the actual show went it was genuinely one of the best blink shows I’ve seen. The thing about me is that you’ll never ever hear me say that this isn’t blink-182 and you’ll never hear me say a bad word about Matt. Ever. However, I’m also never going to talk shit about Tom. I’m just not. So me saying this was one of the best shows wasn’t just because of my feelings about the band. It is what it is and as far as all the blink shows I’ve been to this really was one of the best. Matt sounded amazing and brought amazing energy to the stage. He’s growing into his own with the songs and the longer time goes on the more comfortable he becomes the better they sound.

Mark might be on stage right but he makes sure to use the entire stage. He does not stand still unless he has to be in front of the microphone and I love it. You can tell how much Mark loves being on stage and how much he loves the interaction with the crowd. He pulls faces and goofs off and has a ball.


Then there’s Trav who just kills me every time I see him live. I’ll never ever get over how incredible he is and I’ll happily tell you he’s worth the price of admission alone. I absolutely love that he is even doing his scream that’s on the album during Cynical although right as he does it there’s some pyro that goes off behind him and it gets a bit drowned out. While I did miss his big drum solo that he used to do he does still have the solo at the beginning of Violence that just absolutely slays.

I will say though that as much as I love blink my one complaint is that their set is so short and it goes by SO quick. They technically have about 24 songs on the set but of those 4 of them are joke songs, which last about 10-30 seconds. Then there is the fact that considering they are touring a new album they only played four actual songs from it. Built This Pool and Brohemian Rhapsody don’t count. There are at least 2-3 songs that I wish they had added to the set list from the new album. They did however play a few older songs that I hadn’t heard live yet so at least there’s that.


Apart from that everything was amazing. The production was amazing, the instruments were amazing, the guys were amazing. All of it. Top to bottom it’s one hell of a show. I’m probably really biased but I’ve had people who aren’t massive blink fans see them and tell me how surprised they were that they enjoyed seeing them live as much as they did. So I have no problem saying that they are a band you should see live if you get the chance. As long as you’re not offended by a few dirty jokes. Although with that said, this was by far the cleanest blink show that I have ever been to.

I’m still not over that entire night and I never will be. Thank you Mark, Travis, and Matt for being three of the best gents on the planet who I could not be happier to call my favorites. I still don’t even really have words for everything that happened and I feel like this into post was just one big jumbled mess of me trying to make sense of everything while doing a terrible job. I needed to document it though just so I know it really happened.

Check out to find a tour date near you and check out their new album California on iTunes.

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  1. How exciting! How did you get the chance to be backstage – did you win a contest? You totally fangirled, but good for you – when will you ever have that chance again? The one time I’ve gotten to meet a celebrity I was enthralled with (an author, too, so way less intimidating, right?) I froze up and I have regretted it ever since. I wish I would have had the guts to fangirl (and I was 27 years old… good lord!).

    1. They actually sold VIP packages and some of them had the meet and greet as a part of it so I was able to get one of those!! Exactly, it was a once in a lifetime thing and I took my chance to fan girl over them. Oooo who did you meet? I’ve met quite a few celebrities (mostly musicians but a few actors too and even Michelle Obama’s brother lol not exactly a celebrity but I thought it was cool) but I don’t think I’ve ever met any authors. I’m always thankful that every time I’ve had a chance to meet someone I really like I’ve managed to just keep my cool and have a nice chat with them. It’s totally nerve wracking though lol!!

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