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Hi Stranger Friends! I’ve already been back from London for two weeks now as crazy as that is to me. I wanted to share a few pictures of my trip with you all though. I also wrote a full post on what it was like traveling to London on my own and there’s even more photos which you can find here.


1. Pro Tip-Sit in a window seat on the right side of the plane when flying into Heathrow. I got an incredible of view flying into London. It was one of the most exciting things and certainly perked me up a bit after a 10 hour flight.


2. I knew that the London Eye was big but I wasn’t prepared for just how big it really is. It’s massive in person and I 100% chickened out and didn’t go on it. Next time!


3. There’s a hotel in Oklahoma that is designed to look like famous landmarks all around the world and they have a mini-Ben if you will. I was there back in 2012 and I remember taking pictures of it and thinking one day I’ll see the real thing and it will be 773x better than this. Turns out, I was right. Seeing Big Ben for the first time in life was pretty spectacular.


4. I hate this picture because of the truck but it’s also the best picture of Buckingham Palace I got. I felt completely awful after walking from the tube station to the palace which was such a bummer but I definitley didn’t get to enjoy Buckingham Palace the way I would have liked and in turn my pictures from there came out pretty awful because I just was not feelin it. I’m glad I made it there though even if I was super dizzy! And the queen wasn’t even in residence when I was there so that was a rip off. (Kidding)


5. I did manage to get a few good shots of the Victoria Memorial though! I also just noticed that one of the light bulbs is out on that lamp and that the lamp was on at like 1 in the afternoon.


6. I was staying right across the street from Leicester Square which was super lovely. I walked over there one day and just hung out there in the square for a little bit. If you’re a person who likes people watching then there is an endless amount of that to do in London that’s for sure. It’s cool to just sit and watch as people go about their day.


7. Union Jacks and the Underground. So London. This was the Piccadilly tube station. Also, that store that is in the bottom right hand corner is a massive souvenir shop called Little Britania and it’s massive. Like if you’re planning on bringing back a million souvenirs for everyone you’ve ever met you probably can’t go wrong in that place.


8. Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls when Logan moves to London and he tells Rory that his office window looks out on Piccadilly Circus and she responds with how cool it must be that he can just see elephants and clowns walking around all day? That’s literally the first thing I thought of when I went to Piccadilly and it made me laugh. Alas, there were no elephants and thank god there were no clowns.


9. Hyde Park was by far one of my favorite places. I live in the desert so this much green in one place is always such a treat for me and I love to just soak it all in. I was a bit miffed I couldn’t walk around there as much as I would have liked but I was perfectly happy to literally just find a little spot and chill. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining. What more could you ask for?


10. I found a garden in Hyde Park that I was absolutely in love with. I was telling my aunt a few weeks ago that I have SO many pictures of flowers that I have no idea what to do with. Now I have even more. I love taking pictures of flowers so I was perfectly happy to walk around this garden for a while taking pictures of flowers I have never seen before.


11. I promise that I won’t add in 40 pictures of flowers from that garden even though I easily could. These were some of my favorites though. There were a few different colors and I felt like if I were to shake them they would jingle.



12-13.  Trafalgar Square is another great place to people watch. It’s a beautiful place to just go hang out and watch as life in London happens around you. I was staying about a block away from Trafalgar Square so I walked around there almost every day but these photos were taken the evening of the Summer Solstice. Everybody was out that evening taking full advantage of the sunshine and the extra sunlight that came with the day.


14. It’s not a London photo set until there’s a red phone box. I don’t make the rules. I was incredibly lucky to have amazing weather while I was there. It was in the 70s and sunny pretty much every day. It rained here and there but I really did have quite a bit of sunshine while I was there which I was not expecting at all for obvious reasons.


15. I definitely already miss London a whole hell of a lot and I’m already scheming on when I can go back!

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