Things I Fancy: April 2016

Things I Fancy: April 2016 - Modern Little Victories Hi friends! Here’s a quick and sweet April favorites. April was sort of a weird month and the ending of it was even weirder so I feel like I didn’t get invested in a lot of new things or a lot of favorite things this month. It just sort of happened and flew by and then it was over. There were a few things I loved that I couldn’t not share with you though so enjoy away. What things were you loving this month? I need some inspiration for the month of May!



Boots Bonatics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask: I love a good face mask! I also tend to have pretty “congested” and oily skin so I’m constantly trying out different ones trying to find ones that work best. This one is definitely a winner and it’s also wallet friendly. Not only does it work well but it has only five ingredients in it! Can’t really beat that. The ingredients work to pull out of the impurities in your skin and you can literally see it working as they absorb into the mask. It left my skin feeling tighter, smoother, and really helps with problem areas.

Mayfair Sugar Scrub Sea Lily Jasmine: Quite like a good facemask I also love a body scrub. I’m pretty partial to Lush’s Ocean Salt as my end all be all but I still like trying out other stuff. I picked this one up at target the other day because I needed a new scrub and I ended up loving it. The smell is amazing and it works really well and left my skin feeling great. My only complaint with it which isn’t a bad thing for most people is that it’s really gentle. Sometimes my skin needs a little bit tougher scrub and on those days this one isn’t as great for that. If you have really delicate skin though or you just want to use a scrub more often throughout the week this one is perfect. There’s also the added bonus that by buying mayfair products you are helping them in support of Starlight Children’s Foundation.



Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: If you haven’t watched the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt then please stop what you’re doing, find a Netflix account, and watch it. Once you’ve watched it and laughed your head off then you can join the party and watch season two which was by far one of my favorite things about April. I will say that the humor in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt won’t be for everyone and I get that but if you were a fan of 30 Rock you will love it. The second season was just as funny as the first and there were times that I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard. Titus’ “Outside Bones” jingle still pops in my head and I end up laughing so hard just thinking about it. The show is so self-deprecating and ridiculous that it just gets funnier and funnier. Kimmy is still trying to make her way through her new life in NYC and the cast of characters around her are just as crazy as ever. This season even included Fred Armisen as Robert Durst (yes that one) and leave it to Fred to play the role perfectly. The one-liners this season were still one of my favorite things about the show. It’s definitely worth the time if you’re a comedy fan and need a bunch of good laughs. The only problem now is having to wait a whole year for new episodes.

Sekret Machines Chasing Shadows: This is a novel by Tom DeLonge and A.J. Hartley that delves into the world of government secrets and what we think we know about UFOs and conspiracies. It was far and away one of my absolute favorite books that I’ve read in a while and certainly my favorite this month. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I love Tom but I am so impressed with the world that he and AJ Hartley created and put on paper. This novel is filled with everything that you could want out of a novel. It has intrigue, high-technology, betrayal, lights in the sky, religion, covert affairs, politics, history, and like I said it takes everything you thought you knew about the world around you and flips it right over. And this is just the beginning. The final two pages had me squealing with excitement and delight and left me wanting so much more. If you want to learn more or read my full review on the novel you can find it here.

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