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I think we can all agree that for most of us the first time we fell in love with Harry Connick Jr was after watching Hope Floats for the first time. I was only like 10 when the movie came out and I don’t really remember how old I was when I first actually watched it but it quickly became one of my favorite movies and I have loved Harry Connick Jr ever since. His voice fills my house at Christmas time and I always love seeing him on chat shows because he is just so charming and endearing. So needless to say I was so excited when it was announced that he was going to be performing in my city and I jumped at the chance to go.

Not only is he ridiculously talented but he was absolutely charming, funny, and captivating on stage. He regaled us with the story of his first experience trying menudo earlier that morning. Let’s just say he had no idea what menudo was actually made of and he was very mistaken when he thought there were little chunks of bread in the soup. Spoiler alert: it’s not bread. It was honestly the funniest bit and I swear for those 10 minutes or so it felt more like he was a stand up comedian. He was just missing the brick wall behind him. The audience was in stitches as we all waited for him to reveal how he found out that what he thought was bread was actually tripe. The menudo bit became a running joke throughout the show and even got improvised into a few songs.

He interacted with the audience in hilarious ways including completely dragging a couple who’s seats were in the front row for showing up late and calling out a girl who was singing along with him and telling her it was distracting. None of it was malicious or him being a diva, it was all just funny and him being silly. One lucky lady even got to dance with him while he serenaded her with “It Had to be You.” He’s such a gem and seeing him interact with fans like that it’s no wonder he has made it in that business as long as he has.

His insane talent also has a thing or two to do with that of course. It’s one thing to know how talented he is and hear him sing on his albums or see him on TV but it is another thing completely to witness him and hear him in person. He played the piano, trumpet, guitar, and sang during the two-hour show and he just amazed all the way throughout. His band is just as talented and you can tell how much fun they truly have every night. I absolutely loved that they performed “The Bare Necessities” from The Jungle Book as well as “What a Wonderful World” which is one of my absolute favorite songs. We also even got treated to an impromptu performance of “Nightingale in Berkeley Square”.

It was funny to me though because I had the thought that I knew I was out of my element when it was comes to concerts because nobody was singing along and we got to sit through the whole thing. I guess this is growing up? I’m used to loud, ruckus, rock concerts where you have to stand the entire time and you wake up the next morning with no voice because you sang your heart out the entire show. This was definitely more calm but it was still just fun to be able to sit and listen to amazing musicians for two straight hours. And I can’t say I hated being able to sit down for the show though. That was quite the luxury for me. I’ve come a long way since my mosh pit days at warped tour 10 years ago.

This was just the first night of his tour so if you have a chance to catch him on any of his tour That Would Be Me I would absolutely recommend you do so. You will not be disappointed at all. It was a solid two hours of laughs, great music, and a pretty handsome fella at the center of it all. What’s not to love?

For more information on his tour you can visit: www.harryconnickjr.com/tour

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