The One Where I Became Awash With Nostalgia

3031665f6f237d70aec512c70c7aa904Last weekend felt like I was simultaneously re-living my childhood and being smacked in the fact with how far removed from it I actually am. Fuller House premiered on Netflix and like any good 90s kid I started watching it as soon as I could on Friday. Then on Saturday I went to a Michael Jackson tribute show where 4 different impersonators performed everything from the Jackson 5’s ABC to Thriller.

They were both such huge reminders of growing up that the nostalgia of it all kept hitting my square in the face and I loved it. I absolutely adored Full House growing up and I think we can all agree that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest talents we had the pleasure to witness. So getting to relive those things in a different kind of way was so much fun.

It was also a little bit sad though. Not in a bad way or like it made me miserable or anything. Just in the way that it was another reminder that time is only going faster and things just keep changing. It was weird to watch Fuller House and relate to the adults instead of the kids. It was strange to watch these Michael Jackson look-alikes performing while knowing that he’s actually gone.

It seems like we live in such a nostalgic age. We have access to so many things from our childhoods right at our fingertips. TV Shows, music, books, even food. Not only do we have access to the things from our past but we also want all of our favorite shows to have on-screen reunions, we want our favorite bands to get back together for reunion tours (I’m looking at you N*Sync), our favorite movies to have more sequels (Hi Star Wars!)  or our favorite book series to continue on somehow (I’m really, really excited to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child). All of these reunions and continuations are just a sign that we all want to hold on to that part of our past because it reminds us of a different time. I know the creator of Friends said that there would never be a Friends reunion because the show was about a time in their lives when your friends were your family and now they have their own families. I call baloney on that one though. We all know that they were never just friends. They were always family and those of us who loved the show viewed those six characters the same way. So now that we are 10+ years removed from the show ending our nostalgic mind is craving more. We want to see where their lives took them of course but we also want a piece of the past back.

Social media is also such a big reminder of how sentimental for the past we have all become. I’m writing this on a Thursday which is appropriate since there is no other day of the week that proves how nostalgic we can get than #throwbackthursday. Sure you have #waybackwednesday and #flashbackfriday but let’s be real those are mostly just for people who dropped the ball on Thursday. We love posting and love seeing all the old photos that people post. We love remembering things that we did and some of our favorite moments.

All the stuff that we loved from our past is all so important and we loved it for a reason. There’s a reason we feel nostalgic and there’s a reason nostalgia can make us both happy and sad. It truly is a bittersweet thing. That’s probably why it’s so important for us to stay connected to all of that and find ways to resurrect things that were once gone or try as hard as we can to keep things alive. It’s all one big reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go. So take today to post your favorite picture from the past, listen to the song you used to dance to back in the 90s or turn on Netflix and watch your favorite show from 15 years ago. Or you can just sit here like me and count the days until the Gilmore Girls reunion finally airs. What can I say? I can’t wait to get that piece of my past back.

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