Purple Is The New Green Smoothie


Did you all know that there is such a thing as purple kale? I discovered it when I ordered a kale salad in the fall and the kale was purple. Now I don’t want to say I’m as bad as Marie from Breaking Bad but purple is by far my favorite color. Marie, with her everything purple house, is my spirit animal. I’m also a massive Colorado Rockies fan and baseball season is finally here so this smoothie is perfect for me. This becomes the time of year more than any other that everything around me is purple. If it comes in purple I must have it. That apparently includes food now.


So thus started my journey to use purple kale for everything when I finally found it in a store. Green smoothies are all the rage of course but I have decided that purple is the new green when it comes to smoothies. It’s fun to mix it up and have something a little different don’t you think?


Makes 1 serving


1 banana
¼ cup blueberries
2 stalks kale, rib removed
8 oz acai juice
1 tsp chia seeds


-Add your banana, blueberries, kale, and acai juice to the blender. Blend until combined. Add in the chia seeds and blend once more.

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