Baked Tortilla Strips


If it were acceptable to survive on tortilla chips and guacamole and/or salsa I think people would have a much easier time following a vegan diet. Apparently nature had other plans in mind and decided that wasn’t an acceptable diet though. Thanks a lot for that, nature. That doesn’t change the fact that tortilla chips are delicious and everyone knows how easy it is to stuff your face with them.


There’s also nothing better than tortilla strips in soup or on salads or just straight off the tray freshly out of the oven. If I need tortilla strips for anything like that I always make them myself. Tortilla chips out of the bag are good but there’s nothing like adding fresh baked tortilla strips to your food.

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You can also feel a bit better about them not being fried or loaded with a ton of salt and that alone is worth taking the time to cut some tortillas up and pop them on a cookie sheet.



If you do try this or any other recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and don’t forget to take a picture and tag it #modernlittlevictories on Instagram! I’d love to hear what you think and what you create in your kitchen.



Corn Tortillas
Vegetable or Olive oil


-Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut tortillas in half and then into thin strips.

-Toss with just enough oil to coat them and add salt to taste. Arrange them in a flat layer on a cookie sheet. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until they are golden and crispy. Remove from oven onto a plate with a paper towel to catch any extra oil. Add another sprinkling of salt if necessary.


– I used 1 lb of corn tortillas to make two full trays of strips.


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